Shipping Guide


Local Shipping Rates

Weight Local Normal Delivery Local Registered Delivery Local SmartPac
250g SGD 1.50 SGD 3.74 SGD 4.70
500g SGD 2.00 SGD 4.24 SGD 4.70
1kg SGD 3.00 SGD 5.25 NA
2kg SGD 4.00 SGD 6.24 NA
2.25kg SGD 5.50 SGD 10.00 NA
2.5kg SGD 6.00 SGD 10.50 NA
3kg SGD 7.00 SGD 11.50 NA
4kg SGD 8.00 SGD 12.50 NA
4.25kg SGD 9.50 SGD 14.00 NA
4.5kg SGD 10.00 SGD 14.50 NA
5kg SGD 11.00 SGD 15.50 NA
6kg and above SGD 12.00 – SGD 15.00 SGD 16.48 NA

Local Normal Delivery Time Frame: 3 – 7 Working Days

Local Registered Delivery Time Frame: 3 – 5 Working Days

Local SmartPac Delivery Time Frame: 2 – 3 Working Days

*Please kindly note that these delivery time frames represent an estimate and may vary accordingly/and depending on SingPost’s efficiency during public holidays and peak seasons. We regret to inform you that Dopestreet Boutique is not responsible for lost Normal Postage although our Customer Service team will definitely work with you to submit a request and proceed with the necessary follow-up with SingPost to retrieve your parcel. Customers are best advised to opt for registered delivery.

Local Next Day Courier Rate

Weight Courier
Up to 10kg SGD 8.00

Local Courier Time Frame: 1 Working Day